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Internet Killed Television
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Internet Killed Television; CTFxC,

Created by

Charles Trippy and Alli Speed


Vlogging, Reporting, Reality


Charles Trippy

Allie Wesenberg

Zoey (Dog)

Marley (Dog)

Mellisa Trippy

Phillip O'Reilly

Also Starrin

Chaz Trippy Marlene Trippy We the Kings: Travis Clark, Danny Duncan, Coley O'toole, Hunter Thomsen




1909 (as of July 21)


English, Portuguese (close captioned)


Tampa, Florida

(May—October 2009)

(May—October 2011)

Tallahassee, Florida (October 2009—May 2011)

Valencia, Spain (August—December 2009, only Alli)

North Sarasota, Florida (October 2011—Present)


CTFxC or "Internet Killed Television" is a web series which documents the everyday life of Charles Trippy, his ex-wife Alli, and his current girlfriend, Allie. They upload a Vlog (Video Blog) everyday of their life, around 15 minutes long on their YouTube channel, which currently has over one million subscribers as of October 2013.

CTFxC was  originally  know as "Charles Trippy Friend  Core'"(the x being silent), but  was later  changed  to   "Charles Trippy  Family  Core " (the x being silent) '. The show stars founder Charles Trippy and Alli Speed, as well as their two dogs, Marley, a small Rat Terrier mix, and Zoey, A New Zealand Huntaway.


Originally, the web series was supposed to only last a year or 365 vlogs. It has since surpassed a year and 365 vlogs, they are currently in Year 6 of the  vlogs, having 1909 vlogs as of July 21. 

Their vlogs have evolved greatly from having no intro and being under ten minutes: Red Sox In Your Face (5.1.09 - Day 1) to currently being almost twenty minutes and having a theme song: GROWN MEN ARE CHILDREN! (2.10.12 - Day 1016) .

As of April 8th 2014 Allison Rose Trippy has left the Vlog series, due to arguments and separation with Charles Trippy. Viewers and fans have expressed their thoughts through social media and YouTube.

Theme SongsEdit

A compilation of all of the theme songs used in CTFxC or Internet Killed Television.


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